Zach Williams to Take Celebrate MN Stage


Zach Williams has become one of CCM’s leading artists and songwriters by carving out a niche with his singular blend of southern rock, country and faith-filled songwriting. He earned his first Grammy Award with his debut album, Chain Breaker, in 2017, boasting fan favorites “Chain Breaker” and “Fear is a Liar.”

It was in college, while recouping from an injury that Zach began to fumble around on his roommate’s guitar. He soon found that writing songs felt natural, and his drive to pursue music surpassed his pro basketball dreams. Soon, he became the front man for an on-the-rise rock band, touring tirelessly, and embodying the rock star pose. 

However his success has not been without it’s struggles. His powerful and poignant journey spans how a boy with a storybook childhood filled with nurturing parents, a strong and supportive grounding in the church, and a warm and loving local community was seduced away by the illusion of rock stardom, and the drug and alcohol excesses that can so often accompany that lifestyle.

Zach joins a national lineup of artists, including Chris Tomlin, Switchfoot, Lecrae, Blance and Christine D’Clario. Get the latest updates on Facebook.